Coadria is a Croatia-based private label offshore provider that allows customers to quickly and easily expand desired service offerings globally. Coadria provides all the benefits of offshoring without the typical headaches.

Oblique was tasked with creating a new logo, tagline and website for Coadria. The logo mark is clean, fresh, and expresses a tech-savvy and innovative feel. The geometric logo mark provides a simple, yet beautiful identity with a dynamic movement toward the future. The tagline ‘Offshore That Works’ conveys a confident and definitive statement that a new way to source offshore talent has arrived.

To continue the trustworthy and forward-thinking feel of the brand, the website design used the bright and expressive colors to push Coadria to stand out in a saturated market. The site exudes innovation, and efficiency and proves once again that Coadria can provide a strong team that will push your business to success. Visit the site.