CBT is an award-winning, woman-owned domain expert systems integrator and trusted IT solutions provider with a roster of Fortune 50 clients. They partner with the world’s finest providers of hardware and software solutions to deliver state-of-the-art innovation.

We designed the new logo to convey CBT’s new position in the industry and reflect the values they’ve so thoughtfully crafted. The logo mark, seen launching skyward, represents CBT’s forward-thinking nature and drive to deliver the finest most innovative industrial IoT integration solutions. Each of the two brackets of the logo mark symbolizes the partnership between CBT and its clients. The ball in the middle is a representation of the strategic one-of-a-kind solutions CBT develops. The lowercase font and the slant of the “b” convey CBT’s approachability and flexible nature, emphasizing the importance of relationships and CBT’s people-first approach to business.

We designed a new logo and brand identity, updated their website and created a wide array of marketing materials to convey their position of expertise to the world.

CBT has recently refined their core values, simplified their name and moved into a new office. These changes reflect their newfound position of leadership and influence in the industry. The natural next step for this company was to embrace a new brand, and they named Oblique as their trusted partner to deliver just that.

We invite you to check out their new website and review the rest of our work here.