BOOM Properties

Oblique was challenged to create the branding for a new commercial real estate broker in Boulder, Colorado. Their team wanted to stand out in a saturated marketplace, presenting themselves as bold and approachable. With those key elements in mind, Oblique developed BOOM’s company name, logo, website, and more.

Leading the website design project for BOOM was nothing short of refreshing. Steering our creative design team to depart from the conventional, that’s exactly what we achieved by introducing a horizontal scroll. Take a look for yourself and witness the remarkable distinctiveness of this website within the bustling real estate sector. Visit the site.

With a confident and strong name like BOOM, they needed professional and trustworthy branding to accompany it. Our team developed the BOOM Properties logo, stationery (business cards, envelopes, and letterhead), branded apparel, and environmental branding and brand guidelines. The overall branding strategy and identity has become a very recognizable addition to properties in our community, and Oblique is excited to have been part of the brand development.  

Fashion has always been our secret passion at Oblique, so designing t-shirts and hoodies for the BOOM staff was a sure fit. Did we add that indoor and outdoor office graphics are our jam as well?