BMW of North America

For more than a decade, Oblique has driven key elements of messaging and design strategies for BMW of North America and BMW AG. Our collaboration with this iconic brand has been a source of constant inspiration, fueling our commitment to innovation in every project we undertake. From comprehensive brand-wide marketing materials to essential items utilized across dealer networks, Oblique’s imprint on BMW’s ecosystem is evident in the creation of sleek sales kits, compelling product brochures, dynamic campaigns, punchy posters, high-octane email campaigns, and beyond.

BMW approached Oblique to design an aftersales consumer-facing Performance Parts catalogue and sales kit distributed in all dealerships across the country. A week of photoshoots were conducted at the Catalunya Racetrack in Barcelona with world-class German photographer Conrad Piepenburg. Our team then went to Munich for studio product shot photography.

From meticulously crafted designs to strategic messaging, we strive to capture the essence of BMW’s identity and ethos in every piece we produce. By infusing our work with a blend of creativity, precision, and forward-thinking, we ensure that our solutions not only meet the high bar set by BMW but also elevate it, reinforcing the brand’s position as a leader in the automotive industry.