Avant Native

What if you could turn your world travels into an altruistic business venture? That’s exactly what our client, Claudia, has done. While galavanting around the world she picked up handmade goods from local artisans. Not only did she buy their wares, but she got to know these local craftsmen and has built lasting relationships with them, placing repeat orders and collaborating with them to design one-of-a-kind bags, belts, boots and vests. Her goal is to tell the story behind the goods, allowing the buyer to feel a close connection with the maker of each treasure.

Claudia asked Oblique to name her business and create a logo that would draw attention at fairs and festivals and eventually in-store and online. As we got to know Claudia and understand her vision, we were inspired by her desire to create goods for a modern audience through centuries-old handcraft techniques. From this concept came the name, Avant Native. The Avant Native logo has a very simple, modern typographic treatment that looks like hand stitching, mirroring the technique that’s so common across most of the company’s goods. 

We had so much fun collaborating with Claudia to develop this brand, splashing it across a hangtag for her products as well. Avant Native definitely speaks to our sense of wanderlust and the company’s nomadic leader is our kindred spirit.