Natalie Legg

Hire Natalie Legg, they said. She has tattoos and makes her own kombucha and her brain is an embarrassment of design talent, they said. Well, we nabbed her, and boy are we glad we did. Not only does Natalie geek out on brand identity, packaging, web design and typography, but she legitimately enjoys laying out brand guidelines. We know, crazy. But  who are we to argue with a rare talent like that?

Throughout her career, Natalie has designed for massive companies like Gatorade, Quaker, Tropicana and Cover Girl, plus smaller startups (mostly of the organic, sustainable variety), including Ridge38, Love The Wild, Alpha Skincare and Little Secrets candy. Before getting her slant on here at Oblique, she was a senior designer at SMAKK where she worked her magic on SW Basics and Waggo, plus some dynamite digital stuff for Edox and kCura. When she’s not being all design-y, Natalie’s main hobbies are throwing ceramics on the wheel (like that scene from Ghost, but even sexier), camping, hiking, gardening and kicking it farm-style with her cat, six chickens and three dogs. Overalls optional.