Kelly Van Woerkom

Stop and smell the sweet aroma of your every need being met because Kelly Van Woerkom’s in the house, and getting-it-done is her middle name. Actually, it’s Laurel, but you catch our drift. This client service savant never shies away from a challenge and she speaks 2.25 languages (konnichiwa to you) so as far as we’re concerned, she pretty much has it all.

Kelly is as curious as she is professional, which probably has something to do with her stellar resume. After serving agency gigs in Denver and Chicago, the Rocky Mountains beckoned her back with promises of hiking, skiing and proximity to family. Kelly’s already summited ten of the state’s 14ers, plans to nab all 53 before she croaks, and has visited 25 countries—but her sense of adventure doesn’t end with the outdoors. Her career has seen its share of exploration too, including clients in healthcare, education, government agencies, non-profits, technology, fast casual restaurants and furniture. So, if you’re ever in the ‘hood, come say hi to Kelly. She’ll be the one checking to-dos off her list at breakneck speed with a 185-pound newfoundland at her feet.