Janice Ferrante

Janice Ferrante has worked in advertising for more than two decades and she’s got skills and scars to prove it. Starting out at big agencies in New York and New Jersey, it didn’t take long for this Jersey native to realize that her ambitions weren’t destined to stay on the East Coast. Janice is one of the risk-taking, soul-seeking, wander-lusting few who hate to follow the status quo and want nothing more than to be happily immersed in new creative environments. (Sounds like a case for Colorado if you ask us.)

So in 2002, Janice decided that her passions for entrepreneurship and the outdoors would be best served in the company of Boulder’s famous Flatirons. She soon opened Oblique’s doors and has since been proudly serving clients in the automotive, healthcare, software, higher education, footwear, technology and renewable energy industries. Among others.

When she’s not standing at her computer, you can probably find Janice on her motorcycle, a yoga mat or feeding her diehard fixation with fashion. She’s also a lifelong learner who loves to explore the latest industry trends and an ardent traveler who daily integrates international influence into her daring designs.