Pieter de Waal

A viral video without a cat is like an Oblique Design without a Pieter de Waal—it just ain’t right. Words cannot describe how much we love having this guy in our corner to give top-notch insights to any client wise enough to listen. But words are all we have, so we’re sure gonna try.

Here’s why Pieter revs our engines so much: he comes fully loaded with 30 years of manufacturing, sales and marketing experience with a track record so legit it should be notarized. He’s a former Board Member and EVP of Global Sales and Marketing for BMW Motorcycles in Germany, as well as former VP of BMW of North America. He also spent time at a few other teeny-tiny companies you may have heard of: Mercedes Benz, Nissan and Zero Motorcycles. Pieter is super tech-savvy (re: he’s a civil and mechanical engineer), super spot-on (re: he’s driven success for small start-ups, big brands in international markets and more) and super fun (re: the former racing driver makes a plaything of anything on four and two wheels, knows his way around a golf course and speaks fluent German and his native Afrikaans).