BDI (Bridge Diagnostics Inc.) started in 1989 as a group of structural engineers but over the years the company expanded into many other avenues. Today, BDI is an engineering and instrumentation company specializing in testing, monitoring, and non-destructive evaluation of civil infrastructure as well as the production of fit-for-purpose instrumentation expressly designed for harsh environments.

BDI came to us with a dilemma: they’re name, Bridge Diagnostics, no longer encompassed all their capabilities but held recognition and reputation in the industry. Plus, they had recently entered into a strategic partnership with UK based Datum Monitoring who had undergone a recent rebranding, so there was a need to bring the two companies into alignment.

To determine the best direction for BDI, we guided them through an in-depth brand strategy workshop. Within the brand workshop, we were able to answer some very pivotal questions that were essential not only for the brand’s new look and feel, but also for their long term messaging and strategic vision. We helped BDI conclude that they should keep their widely recognized name, and then helped create an entirely new logo design, tagline, website and collateral.

We really enjoyed working alongside the BDI engineering team and we’re about to launch the revised site within just days, so hold tight and come back soon to check it out.