Jun 28

What if one company could save the world? While Instream Water may not be that company (yet) Oblique is proud to help them reduce the number of plastic water bottles entering our landfills everyday. Based out of Denver, Instream Water is a technologically advanced, convenient, sustainable and affordable alternative to bottled water. Instream Water is both an economical and environmental alternative to bottled water. Their goal is to revolutionize the distribution of filtered water and inspire sustainability through simplicity and technology. Oblique has already designed a logo for Instream Water, and we are currently in the process of creating an animated video, mobile app and assisting with kiosk development.

Instream Water will be incorporating their kiosks into any establishment where people can reuse their water bottles such as public parks, concert venues, sports stadiums, and large corporations. Their goal is to capture an audience by introducing customizable water options offering not only pure filtered water but sparkling water as another alternative. They hope their differentiation in the market inspires people to save millions of plastic water bottles from going into landfills and to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  

This project is ideal for Oblique Design. We love collaborating with a progressive company we can stand behind professionally, environmentally and personally.

May 30

We recently sat down with Janice Ferrante, owner of Oblique Design, during the 15 year anniversary of her company.  We asked her to tell us about the changes and challenges she experienced within the advertising industry over these years.

What has been the biggest changes you’ve seen within advertising and branding in the past 15 years?
The biggest change I have seen is that everyone is now able to work remotely and collaboration has grown through online mediums. Oblique was started in New Jersey, but relocated to Boulder, Colorado, because it became feasible to serve clients remotely and see them when needed. Quite honestly, clients don’t have the time like they used to for face to face meetings with agencies. Advancements in video conferencing, sharing ideas through the cloud, and of course, social media, helped make client/agency collaboration seamless. It has been remarkable to see how easy accessibility has become with all these new advances.

It’s been also interesting to see the progression and continual evolution of web design trends. Whether it’s parallax scrolling, responsive or collapsing menus, it’s a whole new world. If I were to go back to school to study graphic design, the classes would now focus on social media, UI/UX and interactive web design.

How has Oblique adjusted and adapted to these changes?
Throughout the years at Oblique, we have done everything the design industry has to offer: brand strategy, naming, logo design, taglines, print brochures, ad campaigns, websites, creating content for social media, you name it. However lately our sweet spots are brand strategy, interactive and packaging.

We have also become a small boutique agency, by design. Although we have taken advantage of the technology around us, we always prefer face-to-face communication. We enjoy the simplicity that technology gives us, but Oblique still believes in old fashioned teamwork and partnerships.

What do you see as biggest threat to the future of advertising and branding?
The biggest threat is that logo and web design are turning into a commodity.  A myriad of new companies are now offering inexpensive standardized logos and  “cut and paste” website design.  These might be solutions for certain businesses, but more serious companies need tailor made solutions to support growth potential and build memorable and lasting brands.

Any last words of wisdom you want to share after 15 years in the design industry?
Change is inevitable. Irrespective of your industry, the world is changing at an ever faster pace.  My advice is to embrace change, make it your business to stay ahead of the curve, and enjoy the stormy ride.

To see Oblique Design’s portfolio, click here.

May 1

We’re very excited to announce that Oblique Design was chosen as the branding and design agency for Ginger and Baker, located in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Ginger and Baker has it all; a bakery that makes shakes from yesterday’s pies, fresh coffee and pie baked daily, an event center, a private wine cellar, a teaching kitchen and much more. Not only is their building a renovated feed mill that was built in the early 1900’s, they’ve also constructed a beautiful modern building connected next door that will house their casual cafe and a high-end restaurant.

Oblique has teamed up with Ginger and Baker to create their packaging, print collateral, signage and anything and everything print. Ginger and Baker is the destination place to go in Fort Collins, hands down. It’s your home away from home, a place to gather and tell stories over great food and make new stories along the way.

Ginger and Baker plans to open their doors late August, 2017 to the public and we can not be anymore excited to watch them grow and flourish. Mark your calendars because this place is not to be missed. To learn more about Ginger and Baker and keep up-to-date on their progress, visit their site.

Mar 28

It’s such a thrill to announce that Leonardo DiCaprio has just invested and has become a board member for LoveTheWild. Just this last year we did a complete packaging redesign for LoveTheWild, purveyors of farm-raised, freshly frozen seafood kits. LoveTheWild is based out of Boulder, in our own stomping grounds. We’re just giddy over the attention that this brand has gotten and hope that they continue to thrive and strive. Leo is basically our new bff now. To find out more about their partnership, you can read the full article here. To view the packaging design we did for LoveTheWild, visit our portfolio here. Learn more about LoveTheWild and their mission.

New Hope Network, the leader in healthy lifestyle products industry, has also spotlighted LoveTheWild’s new packaging design as 1 out of 5 natural product rebrands that rock in 2016!

Jan 20

With the fresh start of a new year (Happy 2017, everyone!), also comes reflection and resolutions. Team Oblique couldn’t be happier with the projects we completed, the clients we worked with and the growth we have gained as a company.

Last year, Oblique made the big decision to give our portfolio a complete makeover. Our updated and improved portfolio contains new projects and an original look. We went even further and created a micro-site (obliqueslant.com) to give potential clients a quick (and might we add, beautifully designed) overview of what Oblique offers. It’s different from what you’ll see on your average Colorado design blog and that’s what we’re after.

For Oblique’s new portfolio, we demonstrate how our Boulder interactive agency creates a fully rounded brand, not just a logo or website. For example, we show that a logo like the one created for Handcraft Kitchen is not only built to be executed on a web page, but how those elements are conveyed through menu design and exterior signage. This is the full-circle design that Oblique thrives on.

2016 offered opportunity for Oblique to build several brands from scratch. One of our favorites, “BOOM Properties”, was especially unique because this client wanted to push all boundaries when it came to creative solutions. From naming their company, designing their logo, tagline and stationery, all the way to a fully functional responsive website, BOOM is just one of the many satisfying accomplishments we encountered last year. Check it out in our (new!) portfolio here.

Alongside BOOM, some other companies we created identities for were CUE, CONGRUEX and Clove Hill. These all started without a name or identity and are now developed, mature brands ready to take on the world. Other 2016 highlights included designing a new product catalog and beautiful Comuni-tee apparel for “Women’s Bean Project”, as well as working with Gro.io and Coadria to build two beautiful and unique tech-based websites. We also created packaging for Clove Hill’s skin-care lines, Love the Wild, Biozen Skincare and Power Plant. We even helped League Collegiate Outfitters celebrate their 25-year anniversary by giving their website a new and timeless look. Be sure to check out all of this and even more on our portfolio page!

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank every single person, client and company that we interacted with in 2016. We cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store in the future!

Dec 21


This year, Oblique was reconnected with League Collegiate Outfitters to update the design of their website to match the look and feel of their new 25th anniversary catalog. Since we designed their original website a few years ago, we were excited to create a new look to with them and are happy to announce that the site is officially live!

League is known for their smart vintage-inspired collegiate apparel designs, iconic logos, and all-around American aesthetic. You can find their clothing at most colleges and universities across the country. League has lead the way for ethical practices and global consciousness in the workplace and have always been a valued client of Oblique. Check out the site and let us know what you think!

Nov 17


After collaborating with BOOM Properties, a local commercial brokerage and property management company, Oblique is excited to announce the launch of their brand new website!

BOOM Properties recently came to Oblique with a task of a complete re-brand for their Boulder-based company. Our team created their name, tagline and is now launching their new website. BOOM! With such a unique and dynamic identity, Oblique gave the BOOM website an energetic interface to match . From a horizontal scrolling to colorful and vibrant photography, BOOM has by far been one of our all-time favorite projects.

Check out the site here.

Jul 15


If you haven’t noticed already, we love the Colorado community that surrounds us here at Oblique. Oblique takes pride in working with local companies, partnering with similar minded groups, and most importantly, working our absolute hardest to make a difference wherever we can.

The Women’s Bean Project, a nonprofit based in Denver, employs chronically unemployed and impoverished women and provides them with stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise. Through transitional employment, The Women’s Bean Project helps them earn the job readiness, interpersonal and life skills to create a new future. (Amazing, right?)

We have worked closely with Women’s Bean Project over the years, and so we were more than excited when they asked us to design t-shirts and hoodies for them through our ComuniTee program. We worked closely with their core values and branding to create two killer designs that evoked empowerment, transition and the power of women.

Check them out or buy them on their site, and look for them on our Oblique site soon!


Jun 20

As an intern from Germany, I had a unique and rich experience at Oblique Design. As my time here draws to a close, I want to share the experiences that I’ve had so far.

Coming from a huge, corporate and perfectionist company like BMW, it was quite a drastic change to enter the small but highly fashionable Boulder advertising agency, Oblique. The team welcomed me with open arms and made me feel a part of the business before I even got started. Honestly, it was a great kick off to this whole new adventure, and I’m more than thankful they made it so easy for me. We Germans, especially, are relatively stiff and distanced around people we don’t know and it takes quite some time for us to open up.

Some of you might be asking: ‘how did you choose an advertising agency based in Boulder; a little hippie town that the majority of Americans might not even know about?’ Great question! I got asked that a minimum of 10 times (I’m not exaggerating)! The answer is actually quite straightforward; Oblique Design partnered with BMW for a photoshoot in Barcelona and Munich for a Performance Parts consumer catalog. Janice, founder of Oblique and Helga, my previous boss at BMW, collaborated on many projects together. Helga liked me as a person as well as my work ethic,and suggested I ask Janice if she is in need of a new intern. I instantly knew that it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse, especially to gain experience in a small creative design agency. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend time in the beautiful nature of Colorado, surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains?

Even though I’m neither a designer nor an account assistant, the team always supplied me with a fair amount of work. My daily tasks ranged from writing blog posts to research projects. I also had duties such as helping our Account Manager to set up weekly reports for clients and discussing taglines.

We sometimes have lunch with the team to re-fill our creative minds with new energy and brilliant ideas. It’s crazy that I would describe the team here as friends rather than colleagues (even though some of them are over 40!). Not only is it fun and refreshing to come to the office every morning, but it’s also full of new challenges and experiences.

The work schedule is diverse in many ways, due in part to the different types of projects we get and the various kinds of companies we get them from. Our main focus here at Oblique Design is branding, interactive design, print design and strategic marketing.

At the end of the day, I enjoy my free time exploring the charming corners and little shops of Pearl street or chillaxing down at the Boulder Creek. I also spend lots of time hiking and chatting with the local farmers at the Boulder Farmer’s Market.

Overall, I’m more than happy to be part of this little Boulder family here at Oblique Design. I can’t believe I’m already leaving in less than a month. It is challenging to find the right words to express my gratitude to be part of this unforgettable and life changing experience. Thank you Oblique Design, thank you Helga, and thank you Boulder for making this time one of the best experiences I have had so far.

Jan 25


Creating smart and impactful design to empower those around us is what we here at Oblique design do best. We are so lucky as a small Boulder design agency to have been a part of many incredible organizations all over the world. Working with Lisa Smith-Batchen and Run the Nation has been no different and has again reminded us why we are so passionate about the design we do and the impact it has.

Lisa is attempting to run 3,100 miles across America starting on March 22, 2016. Her goal is to beat the men’s current record of 46 days and 8 hours. To break the current record, Lisa will have to cover more than 50-68 miles per day, an amount that seems nearly impossible to most. But most people aren’t Lisa.

Over the course of her running career, Lisa has completed 35 ultra marathons (greater than 50 miles), over 90 marathons and has received 5 ironman championships. But most notable, Lisa has raised over $2,000,000 for charity through racing. Continuing her passion to help those in need, Run the Nation is partnering with St. Jude Children’s hospital and will be raising money for the cause throughout the race.

Lisa approached Oblique about creating a custom website design for her race so that the public could follow, support and share her progress. We of course agreed to help and created an interactive website design that allowed for weekly updates, progress videos, and access to sponsorship. We are truly amazed every day by Lisa and her commitment to helping others and are so excited to be a part of this amazing event. Check out the site coming soon!